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How to control first tee nerves so you start the round well

Watch this video to find out how to control first tee nerves

It’s can sometimes feel intimidating to step up to the first tee.

This simple video tip will tell you how to get round off to good start.

Controlling first tee nerves is easy when you know what to do.

Here are some simple and practical tips to help you be in the best state to start your round.

Most golfers can feel a bit nervous on the first tee and it’s important to get off to a good start if we can.


Tip 1

is to arrive at the warm up area at least 30 mins before your tee time. This gives you the possibility to warm up your swing and also to imagine playing the first few holes while on the driving range. 

Its also a good idea to make your very last practice shot a simulation of the first tee shot you will play.


Tip 2

is to take a long and slow breath before you start your routine. This can really help to calm you down and free you up to play a great shot. Take an in breath to the count of 4 through the nose and an out breath to the count of 5 through the mouth. Try to feel like you are breathing into your heart area.


Tip 3

is to play the first 3-6 holes in your imagination the night before the round. You can do this in bed with your eyes closed. see and feel yourself playing the first few holes in a much detail as possible. See the ball going to the fairway and the approach shots flying to the green and then the putts rolling into the hole. This may sound a bit “la la”  but it actually works by helping your mind program in what you want to happen and this helps when we want to step up and do it for real.


Tip 4

Is to be clear about the key aspects of your pre-shot routine and make sure you apply it on the first hole and ideally every hole. This could be having a clear image of the ball going to the chosen spot in the fairway. It could be feeling a smooth practice swing. It could be singing a song while you swing. You know what works best for you and it’s good if you commit to doing it especially for the important first shot of the day.

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