Now I have tools to use, both physical and mental, when playing golf. It's as if I have a "go to" set of tactics to use when I face different challenges. The few times I have played lately have been more enjoyable and scoring was actually better

Mary Edmonds

Amateur Golfer , Missouri, USA

Through working with Mark, I have improved all aspects of my mental game. He has been instrumental in my success over the past two years. Without his support, I would not be where I am today

Charles Hoyle

Professional Golfer Assistant Coach Lander University SC. USA

Mark's approach to the mental game is  simple, easy to put into place, and it definitely helps to improve my game on a daily basis. He also makes it a lot of fun!

Adrien Pendaries

Elite Amateur Golfer

Mark has had a very positive influence on our golf teams mental game.  He has an easy going flow when working with players that they enjoy and clearly understand.  I am excited about the future because of the impact Mark is having on our players.  I would highly recommend that your team(s) work with Mark, both individually and as a team,  to help them with the mental aspects of their game. Coach Bagwell

Head Coach Lander University Golf Teams, SC , USA, Lander University

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A personal letter from a satisfied parent

My family and I first met Mark Walker in a personal context. Right away, it was clear that he has incredible listening skills, and is very much a “people-person”! Mark’s experience as a life coach intrigued me, and his present activity as a mental golf coach intrigued me even more. During my 15 years as a professional golf player on the PGA European Tour, I crossed paths with a few “mind coaches” but none of them seemed as informed, educated and intuitive as Mark Walker. My son, Adrien, has always had the attitude of a winner, on and off the golf course. He was very interested in the exercises that Mark Walker was proposing to help him become an even more confident golfer. Mark’s approach is simple and to-the-point, which is great for juniors as well as adults! Mark began by evaluating Adrien, and they spent many sessions on skype as well as on the golf course. Adrien is always really excited and motivated for his mental golf sessions. Mark makes it fun, and it is always backed by his vast knowledge of sports psychology. We always received a long detailed e-mail after each session, explaining what they had spoken about. Often, we were with Adrien during these sessions and Mark was glad that the whole experience was a “family affair”. It was important to us that our son feels comfortable and trusts his mental coach, and Adrien continues to confide in Mark about feelings that he might not necessarily express with us! The tools which Mark Walker taught our son are invaluable – we have begun to use them ourselves, and also with our 11-yr old daughter! Adrien looks forward to continuing his sessions with Mark in order to be the best golf player that he can be, and as parents we continue to spread the word about him to everyone that we meet!” — Marc Pendariès, PGA European Tour member and former Tour Pendaries-STO10_0765

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