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Golf mindset videos

5 worst mental mistakes to avoid

Golf mindset videos to improve your golf on the golf course.

We all know that the mental game is important for good performance.

Here are 5 of the worst mistakes that most golfers make.

When you can identify what the problem is you are in a better position to do it right.

Mistake no 1

If you don’t pick a clear and precise target where you want to send the ball you are not giving your system the best chance of doing it.

A wishy-washy target results in a  wishy-washy shot.

Always have clear and small target in mind before you step up to the ball.

The closer you get to the hole the more precise you want to be.

Mistake no 2

Not being decisive and fully commited to the shot you have chosen to play.

As golfers we often have situations where we have multiple possible ways to play a shot. If you are feeling indecisive or unsure while you play your shot then this will lead to a poor performance.

make it a part pf your preparation to feel a sense of being 100 % behind the choice you have made.

You performance will be better even if you commited to the poor choice rather than to be uncommited to the right choice.

Mistake no 3

We can all recognise this mistake Getting upset while playing is a big mistake in terms of your performance capability.

When you get upset the body releases hormones that make it much harder for your system to play well.

You thinking get less clear. your capacity to coordinate decreases your body becomes more tense which restricts your swing.

This is where mental game game coaches can really help you to find new habits on the golf course that help you stay in a good emotional state for your whole round. Easier said than done and it is possible for even the most irritable of golfers to greatly improve their reactions to the big challenges that golf throws at us.

One of the simplest ways to calm yourself is to use your breathing. Taking slow long out breaths is a proven way to calm your emotions.


Mistake no 4

Having strict expectations on what SHOULD be happening while you play golf.

If you have a certain score in your mind that is acceptable for you to shoot and during your round you notice you are outside this scoring zone then this can lead you to  get upset if you are doing worse than you expect or it can lead you to get nervous if you are doing better than you expect either way it bad news for your performance.

Another example of strict expectations is that you feel its really bad if you 3 putt or it’s really bad if you miss any putt less than 3 feet.

We all have certain ideas in our mind about what should and should not happen to us during a golf round.

The problem is that most of these things are actually out of our full control.

Instead of bringing strict expectations with on the golf course be more realistic about what you have actual control over.

You dont control your score or how well you will play on any given day.

Get used to this reality and approach you round with a more LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS attitude.

You want to fully believe that you can play great and also never get uspet if it doesn’t happen today.

Mistake no 5

Don’t hit ANYWAY shots

Let me explain. If you are over your ball and a little voice inside is saying “I am not feeling good to play this shot ( for whatever reason ) but I will play it ANYWAY”  then this is a sure sign that you need to back off and restart your shot preparation.

Many many poor swings could be prevented if golfers learned to avoid this common mental game mistake.

Many golfers including tour pros that I work with make this mistake. Practice noticing the little voice of doubt and step back and resettle yourself before taking your swing.

I have another golf mindset videos on this subject on my facebook page.

I trust you find my golf mindset videos helpful. Please share them with your golfing friends.

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