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Golf pre-shot routine for best performance

How good is your golf pre-shot routine?

Golf Pre-shot routine for improved  performance

The planning phase of any effective pre-shot routine

You may have heard about preshot routines and how important they are for success in golf.

In this video, I will explain the first phase of a pre-shot routine. This is the planning phase.

In this Phase, you analyze the situation you are in and make a choice on what target and what type of shot you are going to play.

We want to take into consideration quite a lot of variables.

Wind, the lie of the ball, the risk-reward of our possible target landing spot.

One important point in this phase is that we wanted to finish this phase feeling 100% committed to our choice of shot.

We also want to keep this feeling of commitment throughout the rest of the routine and up to the end of our swing.

If we don’t hold this commitment with us until the end of the shot we risk underperforming.

The second phase of the routine is what I call the programming phase where we want to program into our mind and body the shot we are intending to play. This can include a practice swing and visualizations. We are trying to move from a more left brain thinking brain state to a more feeling and sensorial brain state.

The last phase of the shot is where we step into the ball and play our shot. This is the most important phase and we want to be connected to the target and or to our swing in a sensorial way.

We don’t want to be thinking about things we want to be actually feeling or seeing the shot in some way that works well for us. we are all different in this respect but we want to be clear what sensorial focus point works best for us