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5 shots off your average golf score with golf mental game skills coaching

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Train Your Elephant + knock 5 shots off your score

How to improve your golf mental game skills

Mastering your golf elephant

The elephant in the room is a well known metaphor for something that everyone knows is important but nobody likes to talk about or do anything about it.

Well if you’re like I was 15 years ago then you have a big elephant in your golf game along with 98 % of all golfers.

Its called your golf mental game skills.

What if you decided stop ignoring the elephant in your golf game and actually trained it to work for you instead of against you?

Here is a taster of what golf can be like when you take the time to work on this vital aspect of your golf game.

Benefits of training your elephant

As you step up onto every tee box you  are feeling so much more confident and composed. Relishing this opportunity to test your skills against the course.

You know that you have all you need to be able to perform at your best today and handle whatever the course can throw at you.

You are feeling a sense of clarity and purpose over every shot.

You can see or feel the ball going to the precise landing spot every time you step up to play your shot.

You feel relaxed and yet engaged by every put you prepare for.

You notice how good it feels to really enjoy your time on the golf course.

Free from the frustration and tension of your old golf game.

It feels great to see that you are shooting lower than ever before.

Imaging that your scores are far more consistent throughout the season.

Imagine your playing partners admiring your newly established credentials as one of the top golfers in the club or simply as a  real contender.

Simple + common sense

We all know that the best players in the world use mental game coaching to improve their performance so why wouldn’t you. One of brightest new stars of Golf   Jordan Speith often comments on the importance of his mental approach when he is interviewed after tournaments

It’s not complicated and everyone is capable of learning and applying these simple techniques.

Perhaps you’re here because you have tried everything else to move your golf game to the next level. New equipment golf swing lessons new balls but nothing really delivers consistent results and you just end up feeling frustrated and disappointed with yourself.

Golf insanity

The world of golf is insane.  Let me explain why.

All golfers freely admit that golf performance is significantly affected by the mind and yet almost all golfers only ever work on improving their technique. Only 1 %  of golfers ever receive effective mental skills training.  WHY ?

It’s kind of strange. We all complain about a lack of consistency and disappointing performance and yet nearly all golfers respond to a poor performance by working harder on only half of the performance equation. No wonder golf locker rooms around the world are full of frustrated and confused golfers.

Only a tiny minority actually do any real Mental Game coaching.

Why ?

Lack of understanding

Not knowing what it is and how it will work for them.

Lack of easy access to simple and effective training that works for all types and levels of golfer.

Lack of understanding. What does it involve? Can I really benefit?

Does it apply to my level of golf? Can I really develop my mental game skills or is it just genetic?

Isn’t it just a load of positive thinking nonsense?

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Who is this coaching suitable for.

If you are passionate about playing golf and you want to become a better golfer. Reduce your handicap or simply impress your playing partners.

improve your scoring consistency and overall quality of your performance then this is perfect for you. The additional bonus is that you will also enjoy your golf game more.

If you are frustrated with your current golf game despite having worked on your technique.

If you know that you are capable of shooting much lower than your recent scorecards indicate.

Perhaps you feel that your swing is fine but you just don’t seem to be able to get to the next level of your game which you know is possible with the swing you have now.

Golfers of all ages and all levels who believe their golf game could be better if their mental game skills were better.

Golfers who care about improving their golf game and realize that working on technical skills alone is simply not working for you in terms of seeing the kind of improvements you want for your self.

Golf Performance is a combination of  Technical skills and performance skills.

Performance skills are mental game skills

It applies to all golfers.

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If you want to really understand your own golf mental game then take the free golf mental game assessment