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What Is The Best Golf Mental Game

Best Golf Mental Game: What should you be thinking about?

The best golfers in the world have the best golf mental game. They don’t focus on the score so much. They know its more productive to focus on the process of each shot one shot at a time.

This could be a simple as always picking a clear target and committing to your shot. The best golfers have clear process goals that they can control. They don’t waste their energy trying to control aspects which are actually out of their control like how well the other golfers are playing or the score.

Take a tip from the best players in the world and put your attention on your routines and stop counting your scores. Does thinking about your score actually help you play the shot? NO IT DOES NOT.

It’s not about focusing on beating the others. it’s more about ensuring that you are being the best you can be on the day. This involves understanding how to manage your mental, emotional and physical state during the whole time you are on the golf course.