Golf mental game Coach Mark Walker

Coach Mark

Mark has over 15 years of  coaching experience working with hundreds of individuals.  He specializes in coaching  amateur, professional  elite juniors and college  golfers to optimize their performance potential by improving and strengthening their mental game skills. He is currently based in Paris where he lives with his wife and son.

Marks success with his clients and in his own personal life are testament to his ability to apply the concepts he teaches: confidence, perseverance, life balance, belief in self, goal setting and mastery of the mental game.

Mark’s Personal Message

I’m passionate about supporting my clients and helping them become the best golfers they can be. I believe that everyone can learn the core skills that lead to becoming a mentally and emotionally strong golfer.

My belief is that every golfer has the ability to improve the quality of their golf game by becoming more aware of themselves as human beings. We all experience a multitude of different thoughts and feelings while we compete that can greatly influence our performance state and thus our performance.

Our state is always changing and this creates a challenge for us as golfers. How can we keep ourselves in our optimum performance state while we compete? Our beliefs internal self talk and external distractions can all impact on our state.
I love helping golfers to understand and manage their golf performance state so they can get out of their own way and perform at their very best.

I coach the “whole person” and this includes working on mental, social, emotional, spiritual, athletic and personal development of all athletes. Through a process of  identifying what enables each golfer to perform at their very best and also by understanding the fears, mental barriers and other mental skills challenges, we are able to develop strategies to find and build on success. This approach is the foundation of the golf mental Game coaching programs and is used to assist athletes to achieve new heights in their golf performance, and personal lives.

In my work as a Golf mental game coach, I’m combining two of my greatest passions in life, my love for the game of golf and my love of coaching people to life with more success, passion and enjoyment in  golf game and the game of life.


  • Certified Mental Game Coach Professional by Peak Performance Sports
  • Certified Master Mind Factor Coach
  • Certified International Trainer-ITS
  • Certified N.L.P. Master Practitioner
  • Certified A.A.M.E.T., E.F.T (Energy psychology) level 1, 2 ,3 practitionerHonours Degree in Pharmacy, Manchester University,1980-1984

Other additional training

  • Option mentor training (work with core beliefs)
  • Option institute Group facilitation training
  • CTI coaching training

 Golf Mental Game Coaching Inspiration

Meet Coach Mark

mind factor coach

I have trained and studied under some of the worlds best mental game coaches.

  • Dr Karl Morris and the Mind Factor Coaching program.
  • Dr Patrick Cohn and the MGCP mental game coaching pro program.
  • Pia Nillson and Lynne Marriott and their Vision 54 system.
  • Plus inspiration from many other world class coaches.

Mental Game Coaching Professional

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