Improve your ability to manage all the variables of golf by improving your golf mental game skills

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Hello, this is MarK Walker from Mental Game Mastery. Do you know what you do when you play your best golf?  Do you have a deep awareness of how you are on those days when golf seems easy and the ball does what you want it to do? Do you know what you do when you play...

Blog about using videos and articls to improve your golf consistency

Would you like to be more consistent with your scores. I assume you want to play consistently good golf!

The reality is that its a bit of an unrealistic objective. Golf is more a game of managing the incredible variability which is evident in many aspects of the game.

External variability

We have so many Uncontrolable external variables.

The condition of the course

the weather

Our playing partners

The speed of play

The speed of the greens

How well the other golfers play

ALL OF THESE are out of our control

Internal Variability

Our physical state : flexibility, coordination, strength,

Our mental state : Ability to  focus, how distractable we are

Our emotional state : Our access to a good feeling state, our level of patience.

All these are things we can (if we know how) begin to control and they are our best way to manage the natural variability of our golf game.

Mental game ( performance ) coaches teach golfers how to manage these variables before during and after our golf game.

You can use these videos to help you improve your performance skills and so manage your internal variability so you can better control your scores.

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