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Golf Practice Drills

Learn how to make better choices on the golf course.



Here is a simple way to improve your golf mental game.

How many times are you faced with a few  different  choices about how to play a certain shot?
Try to fly it over the trees or play the safer sideways shot?
Go for the long water carry that can create  a birdie chance or play the steady shot down the fairway?Try to play the long shot out of the bunker or go for the safe and sure shot out of the sand ?And many many more scenarios that we are all to familiar with.

How good are you at making the best choice?

It generally boils down to two choices.

  1. Do you go for the risky but rewarding shot
  2. Do you play it safe and solid.

Both options can be good depending on many factors. How well you are playing that day. The level of risk of each shot.
A good question to ask very quickly (don’t dwell on this )is.  If I don’t pull this off what is my likely situation going to be.
Here is one quick way for you to choose wisely every time. What you are looking for is a good enough  internal yes feeling over the shot.
You want your whole system to feel comfortable with the shot you intending to play. Its when we don’t have this full inner harmony over a shot that we get our selves in a lot of trouble.


Here is what you do. Next time your are in a situation with a risky shot and safe shot option.
Set yourself up over the risky reward shot first and really feel into the question.
Does my whole system feel confident and comfortable enough to pull off this shot?
Look for at least 80% feeling that you can play the shot well. If you feel its less than 80 % then play the easier and safer shot.
What may take some practice is recognizing when you are at 80%.

Here is a drill to help you develop this skill.
Play 9 or 18 holes where you are asking yourself over every shot.
Am I at least 80 % confident that I can pull of this  shot. Any time you are less than 80% choose a different shot that is easier to play and gives you at least 80 % confidence feeling. Be aware that your confidence may vary from game to game so be sure to check in to how you are feeling in each moment over each shot.

Another way to ask this question is
Can I pull off this shot 80% of the time. Or 8 out of 10 attempts. When you are playing every shot with this level of inner confidence you will surely reduce your mistakes and poor decisions while competing. The reason that this can be so useful in reducing your scores is that often when we make poor decisions it can lead to more poor decisions. This is how we can sometimes have a big number on a hole. If you start to use this technique you can avoid the big number card wrecking holes.
Don’t forget : The only way you can improve your golf mental game is to take action.

Take the 5 week Mental Game Mastery E course and take your game to the next level today.

All the Best

Coach Mark