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Professional Golfers-Mental Toughness Coaching

professional golf mental training

Targeted Mental Training For Professional Golfers

YOU are in the right place

If you are looking for professional support to master your mental game skills

Perhaps you….

  • Realize that your mental game is getting in the way of your golf dreams ?
  • Are you wondering what will make the difference that will get you on to the Challenge TOUR circuit or European tour circuit ?
  • Would like to know what all successful Tour Players know, what is a winning mindset?
  • Have had enough of missing cuts?
  • Are serious about giving yourself the best chance to play golf on tour and stay there?
  • Do you want to give yourself a unique advantage on the qualifying tour?

Would you like to :-

  • Become one of the few professionals who has truly mastered his golfing mindset.
  • Learn how to improve your mental toughness in competition.
  • Develop FIRE to motivate you to stay on task when the going gets tough.
  • Create a strong FAITH in your abilities to play and win at the highest levels.
  • Control your FEAR and optimize your performance under pressure.
  • Learn to FOCUS your attention where it’s most useful, on the shot at hand.

Benefits :-

  • Discover how to find your scoring zone and stay there.
  • Understand how to get your self out of the way and trust your self in competition.
  • Learn how to handle the pressure of Tour level golf.
  • Learn how to be in your optimal mental state to  shoot low more often.
  • Know how to get out of a bad patch.
  • Develop a solid bullet proof pre-shot routine that will with stand the pressures on the last day of big tournament.
  • Recapture your inner confidence in your scoring game (putting and chipping) from mental and emotional perspective.
  • Learn how to play at your very best in big competitions.
  • Clear pressure induced yips that sabotage your capacity to succeed under pressure.
  • Learn how to control yourself so you can be in the best state to control the ball.
  • Learn how to play at your best even when your recent form is below your best.
  • Receive effective coaching and support that builds your self confidence creates inner motivation and drive.


My Coaching Process


Raising Awareness

At the start of the coaching I will take a close look at what is happening right now for each golfer.
I do this by asking you to  complete a mental game assessments which enables me to target the precise skills you needed to work on.
If possible I will watch you over 6-9 holes and make notes of your mental game skills.

I then create a clear mental game summary and a customized coaching  plan. Click here for an example of a typical mental game summary and coaching plan. Awareness is a vital part of the process initially.Helping the Juniors to notice what they are doing mentally and emotionally is a key to enabling them to improve.


professional golfer mental training

Learning Mental Game Skills

I provide workbooks and videos and audios before and after each session so each golfer can learn the various core skills in a style that suites them.
During the coaching sessions we consolidate the understanding of these skills ( and concepts)  and  we explore together how best to apply and practice these skills over the coming weeks. Each session involves a review of the progress in applying the new mental game skills learnt in the previous session.

Skill Integration

A big part of what makes mental game coaching successful is enabling the golfer to apply the new skills into their normal golf game.
This takes time and practice so this I why I only offer coaching packages that support professional golfers over a period of time.
I like to work for a minimum of 4 weeks and I always recommend that for best results 3 months is a great stating point.
I offer lots of practical ways that enable the golfers to absorb and apply the new mental game skills into their normal everyday golf game.

  • Mini Work books .
  • Video training
  • Audio training
  • On course practice drills.
  • Post round assessment forms.
  • Mini Ebooks

I also encourage an ongoing feedback with me after each competition so that we can assess what went well and what needs to be improved.


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