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 As a competitive golfer you know how important the mental game is.

Would you like to be as mentally tough as the tour pros?

Is your Mental game letting you down in competition?

Learn how to think like a tour pro so you can become the best golfer you can be.

Benefits :

  • Play well under pressure
  • Concentrate and focus in an effective enjoyable way.
  • Build unshakable confidence
  • Deal with bad shots
  • Control your inner critic
  • Create a bullet proof pre-shot routine

What mental Game training can do for you and your golf game.

  • Discover how to greatly improve the quality of your practice sessions.
  • Discover your personal best performance state and learn how to keep your self in the zone more often.
  • Create your own post shot routine to keep you confident and composed over 4-5 hours.
  • Uncover what your bad mental habits are and have effective strategies to overcome them.
  • Create your own solid foundation of confidence that stays with you through the tough rounds.
  • Learn how to really enjoy your golf game by putting your golf game into perspective with the rest of your life.

golf mental coach

Are unsure about mental game training?


False perceptions about mental game coaching.

Misconceptions about mental game coaching  get in the way of golfers benefiting from one of the easiest ways to improve your golf game and your enjoyment of golf.

False belief no 1
I am who I am and I cant change my bad habits so why bother.

My reality and experience.
Having worked with hundreds of different clients of all ages I can assure you that 99 % of people who want to change can change.

False belief no 2
I would need to have a major mental game issue to make mental game coaching useful or worthwhile.

My reality and experience.
The clients who come to me with no obvious mental game issues are often the ones who get the most from mental coaching.
One of my clients came to me knowing that he had a good mental attitude and he did. What he didn’t have was the deep understanding of how to make it even better and over the last year and a half he has taken his mental game from good to world class. He is a junior elite golfer who is continuing to perform well at the highest levels internationally.Twice a winner at the Doral junior classic.

False belief no 3
Its just for the professionals who have brilliant technical skills. At my level its not worth me doing it.

My reality and experience.
The golfers who have seen some of the best results from mental game coaching are regular club members with a handicap 12-18 golfers.
Many golfers have never used even the basic mental game tools and so they get the most benefit.

False belief no 4
I have no idea what it involves and I don’t really know how it could help me. Isn’t it just a lot of positive thinking nonsense?

My reality and experience.

Mental Game coaching has a very well defined  and established framework. below is a list of  several key areas of mental game coaching

  • How to build and maintain Confidence.
  • How to stay focused on each shot as you play it.
  • How to stay composed no matter what is happening.
  • How to play at your best no matter how well your swing performs on any given day
  • How to stay patient. How to commit to your shots.
  • How to practice effectively
  • How to prepare your mind for competition.
  • How to perform well under the pressure if competition.

These are all skills that you can learn when you work with a mental game coach.
It simply involves assessing your current level of mental skills and then engaging in a process of learning and applying specific new skills and tools into your regular golf game. This usually happens over a period of several weeks. You need time to apply and test your level of integration.
These mental game skills are simple and logical and can easily be applied to every level of golfer. Techniques are adjusted depending on the level of the golfer.

False belief no 5
I don’t want someone messing with my mind. It would be too personal and intrusive.It seems a bit odd to me so I will leave it well alone.

My reality and experience
There is no need to get personal in order to learn these skills. It has nothing to do with therapy.

Don’t let a lack of understanding get in your way.


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