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Mental Game Coaching For Junior Golfers

 Improve Your  Junior Golfers Performance

With junior golf mental training

 Junior Golfers And Parents….

A Great Golf Swing Deserves A Great Golf Mental Game

junior golf mental training

As Jim Flick, Jack Nicklaus’ long time instructor and Top 100 PGA teacher says:

The game of golf begins in the mind: more than athletic ability, more than technique, more than practice, equipment or anything else. The mindset or attitude you bring to the game determines not only the enjoyment you desire from golf but also the level of proficiency you will achieve.”

  • What if you could play with unshakable confidence?
  • What if you could stay focused and relaxed through out your competitive rounds?
  • What if you could stay emotionally stable and strong no matter what is happening?
  • Would you like to know how to practice in the most effective way possible so your golf game improves more quickly?
  • What if you knew how to stay motivated through out the season?
  • Could you benefit from knowing precisely how to play great golf in high pressure situations?


What we offer to junior golfers and Parents

  • We will help you understand and integrate the core Mental Game skills used by the best players in the world .
  • We will help you understand your personality and how you can optimise your game around who you are.
  • We will work with you to customize our techniques so they work well for you.
  • We will coach you through the learning curve of improving your mental game skills through multiple competitions.

 Benefits of a strong golf mental game:

  • Stop Getting in Your Own Way
  • Believe in Your Self and Your Competitive Abilities
  • Control Your Tension and Nerves
  • Stop Wasting Shots
  • Recover from Poor Shots
  • Learn How To Manage Your Emotions
  • Manage Your Thoughts
  • Learn How to Focus Well on Every Shot
  • Play Naturally, not Like a Robot
  • Start Better and Finish Stronger
  • Know When to Go For It and When Not To
  • Play “One Shot at a Time” and Be in the Present
  • Conserve Energy and Play well right up to the Last Hole
  • Enjoy Competing
  • Learn How to be Patient

My Coaching Philosophy

Junior golfers are all unique and I help them to understand themselves better so they discover what really  helps them to play at their best. The skills they learn and integrate are not just golfing skills they are life skills and I believe they will support them to thrive in many different areas of their lives. Junior coaching is carefully tailored to the age and maturity of each golfer.I am dedicated to supporting junior golfers to optimize their mental game so their mind and body can work together in harmony. This frees them up to play golf to their full potential.

Mental Game Skills


My Coaching Process


Raising Awareness

At the start of the coaching I will take a close look at what is happening right now for each junior. I do this by asking each junior to  complete a mental game assessments which enables me to target the precise skills needed for each junior. If possible I will watch each junior over 6-9 holes and make notes of their mental game skills. I then create a clear mental game summary and a customized coaching plan. Click here for an example of a typical mental game summary and coaching plan. Awareness is a vital part of the process initially.Helping the Juniors to notice what they are doing mentally and emotionally is a key to enabling them to improve.

golf mental game coaching for junior golfers

Learning Mental Game Skills

I provide workbooks and videos and audios before and after each session so each golfer can learn the various core skills in a style that suites them. During the coaching sessions we consolidate the understanding of these skills ( and concepts)  and  we explore together how best to apply and practice these skills over the coming weeks. Each session involves a review of the juniors progress in applying the new mental game skills learnt in the previous session.

Skill Integration

A big part of what makes mental game coaching successful is enabling the golfer to apply the new skills into their normal golf game. This takes time and practice so this I why I only offer coaching packages that support Junior golfers over a period of time. I like to work for a minimum of 4 weeks and I always recommend that for best results 3 months is a great stating point. I offer lots of practical ways that enable the golfers to absorb and apply the new mental game skills into their normal everyday golf game.

  • Mini workbooks
  • Video training
  • Audio training
  • On course practice drills
  • Post round assessment forms
  • Mini eBooks

I also encourage an ongoing feedback with me after each competition so that we can assess what went well and what needs to be improved.

Support for parents of elite golfers

If you are a parent of a high level golfer you know how hard it is to effectively support your child to play their best. As part of my work with juniors I offer concrete support to parents so that they can create the best conditions for their sons and daughters to fulfill their potential and really enjoy their competitive golf. For more information on how I help  junior golfers please Click on the image below.


Useful Links

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