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Improve your golf self-talk

Watch this video to understand why your inner voice is so important to your golf game

learn how to improve your self-talk and improve your scoring

How to improve your golf self talk

Do you sometimes notice a voice inside your head?

What do you say to yourself on the golf course ?

Becoming more aware is the first step to improve your golf self talk.

Start taking control of what you say to yourself during your golf round and improve your golfing performance.

Many golfer have a negative critical voice inside their heads which will appear as soon as they make a mistake. The good news is you don’t have to listen to this voice.

You can make the decision to replace it with amore supportive and friendlier best caddie voice.

The choice is yours when you can become more aware of the voice you have the power to switch it.


Here are some simple and practical tips to help you take control of your golf inner voice and improve your golf self talk


Tip 1

Decide to become more aware of it. Don’t get upset with your old critical voice just notice it at first.

You then have the power to say no thanks I don’t want to listen to you.


Tip 2

Imagine you have the best caddie inside your head. Replace any unhelpful voice with the words of your best caddie. Instead of ” you stupid idiot ” your caddie would say ” ok forget the best golfers make mistakes , now  focus on your next shot”.


Tip 3


Start to measure how good your inner voice is after each hole.

Give yourself a score from 1-10 and write it down on your score card.

This will help you become more and more aware of your inner voice.



If you want to really understand your own golf mental game then take the free golf mental game assessment

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